Happy New Year 2015!!

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Happy New Year 2015!

The year of 2014 has been n amazing year for us. We have been world nomads for almost 11 months of this year and what an adventure indeed.

2014 took us places we probably never would have seen if we wouldn’t have headed it into the world in March this year.

Most people we have met say the same thing “Your lives must be quite easy”.

And yes, we are living “the good life”. Our main problems are usually where to eat,where to sleep and when we will wash our clothes that sometimes are way overdue with a meeting with a washing machine.

The basic needs. Food, shelter and clothes. Not much else.

But the nomad life can hit you in the hhead too. It can be frustrating and mentally challenging to live in a suitcase not knowing how long you will be staying since plans can change with the wind for us sometimes. It is frustrating spending many hours after hours transporting yourself, waiting in transit in airports or waiting for a rusty bus in a shabby, dark alley to take you to another land border some six to twelve hours away depending on how many friends the driver has along the route.

Not having showered for a while, not having a good meal for a while. That can really mess with your mind. If you allow it.

Traveling almost a year in Asia made us fed up with the continent and the way of life. But after consideration we figured that we chose this life. And it is far better for us than living in the “Hamster wheel” with bills and problems back at home. And our life isn’t really hard. But everything is always put in perspective and you work with what you have.

Right now we are on our way to Canada, leaving Asia and a whole chapter behind us. What a great start for our next year of 2015 to start fresh with a new continent and a new adventure.

Looking back on our time in Asia has made us more grateful for what we have chosen for our selves and what we have learned. About ourselves and the people and cultures we have had the privilege to experience. Looking back we realize that even though we are dirty sometimes, the food might not be the best and we transport a bunch of stuff all over the world, including ourselves, for the next big thing that sometimes never gets to be more than a city tour. But that’s OK. Because we are free.

Our promise for 2015 is to never take our life and way of life for granted. To always appreciate what is now and what might come.

After all. We are living “the good life”

We want to hear what your plans are for 2015 too. See us a comment!

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