Ha Tien the border to south Cambodia

Ha Tien border town Vietnam.

For many travellers visiting Vietnam the journey often goes to Cambodia as well. Many nationalities do not need a visa prior to entering Cambodia, you will get visa upon arrival.

Ha Tien town is the closest town to the Cambodian border and many tourists make a stop here either to or from Cambodia.

A couple of years ago there where only a few hotels in Ha Tien. But as the border opened a few years ago the town has now exploded with hotels. We have never stayed in a town this size with as many hotels as Ha Tien. Both local and international tourists stay here to either go to Cambodia or Phu Quoc island. Not all hotels are named in English and the English language is not really practiced here at all. There are many hotels that has Vietnamese signs.


As you enter the town you will pass it thinking you’ve missed the bus stop. There are a few buses and taxis stopping right in the centre. But most buses stop a few kilometers away at the “real” bus station. You could make an effort to signal to the driver that you wish to get off at the town center but it would probably result in nothing. The bus station is located so that you have to take a motorbike on to the town center or walk the three kilometers. This way many of the locals earn their living on driving people to and from the bus station and they are very eager to get you on their bike. Somehow it feels like the bus station is placed there just for that reason. The town is otherwise quite small and you can walk through it without any need of motorbike or taxi.

Sights & attractions

There is not really so much to see in Ha Tien. There is a big central market where you can enjoy some delicious fresh seafood and shop for souvenirs if you forgot to buy something.

You can also walk along the river and have a nice ice coffee.

Getting to the Cambodian border
If you are traveling to Cambodia then you can take a taxi straight to the border. The taxi will cost you 100.000 Vietnamese Dong if you bargain a bit. Read all about the crossing here

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