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Getting to Cebu from Dumaguete

Getting to Cebu from Dumaguete

Many tourists and backpackers choose to go to Boracay and then to Cebu to do some whale shark watching.

To get to Cebu you need to get to the city of Dumaguete.

Dumaguete has some good snorkeling and diving if you’d like to make a pit stop on the way. But as for the city there are not so much of sightseeing or things to do. The biggest university in the Philippines is in Dumaguete and that have a nice promenade by the water with restaurants if you like a stroll in the sunset.

There are two ports that has various destinations.If you are going to Oslob, Cebu, to do the whale shark watching, then you need to get to get into the Sibulan terminal.

The port in Dumaguete can take you to Siquijor Island and Cebu city. The boat costs around 250.000 Rupiah for two from the port of Dumaguete to Cebu. The ferry departs at 22.00 and takes approximately 6 hours. You’ll then get a bunk bed in shared dorm.

Or if you like to go the easy way. Take a tricycle from Dumaguete to Siluban terminal. Takes about an hour , and get on the boat to Cebu island there. Sibulan terminal has better options and more departures during daytime.

Of you by any chance still manages to get to the wrong terminal, and the last boat is miles away, there are a few hotels around if you need to wait in transit for the next boat.

Good Luck!

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