Frogner Park, Oslo, Norway

Frognerparken in Oslo, Norway

Frogner Parken in Oslo

Frogner Park, Oslo, NorwayFrognerparken is the biggest park in central Oslo, spreading over a 100 hectars.
Many locals come here in the weekends for a walk, sunbathing, exercise or just for recreation from the busy citylife.

There are plenty of things to do here. Stroll around the park and see Norways biggest collection of roses. There are about 1500 species divided by approximately 14 000 plants.
You can feed the ducks and swans, if you are accompanied with children they can play here in Norways biggest playground.
The most famous in the Frognerpark is the Vigelandsparken. A section in the park with over 200 statues made by Gustav Vigeland in the mid 20th century. The Monolith (pictured) is the main event.  The column is over 14 metres tall and carved in one single stone. It consists of 121 human figures. There have been many speculations of the meaning of the Monolith: Man’s resurrection, the struggle for existence, Man’s yearning for spiritual spheres, the transcendence of everyday life and cyclic repetition and many more. Many just call it the big dildo…everyone is entitled to their own opinion here.
Sinnataggen” is also a very attractive sculpture. it is a fullsized angry toddler statue. Just look to where the bridge is where all the tourists are taking pictures and you’ll find it.


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