What would we do without food? precious, delicious food? I (Charlie) absolutely love food! I love to try new flavours and substances and can go absolutely bananas if I find a new combination of spices or ingredients that I like. If I would be ever so lucky finding this new combo (which I do from time to time:P) I’ll use it until everyone gets really tired of it. Like the combo honey/cardamom/oregano/ginger……yum!!!

When out and about I try to taste as much as I can, Who knows what flavours you can explore on your journeys!

One of my favourite things to do where I live (Oslo) is to go to the local oriental stores and just browse, browse, browse. You’ll get so inspired to try new ingredients. And they are usually the cheapest stores aswell.

Speaking of cheap food:

When we at maHz explore the world we try to find local food that don’t cost very much. The best way to find this is to stick to the locals, try to avoid the touristy areas, these are usually high priced and adjusted to fit the tourists.

In most of Asia you can find street food at every corner. And by street food we mean food sold out of small carts along the sidewalks. Or small restaurants hidden in secret passages, So keep your eyes open and follow the locals.

Another way to keep your expenses down is to cook your own food. Find a market where most of the locals buy their food. It’s a big help to learn some of the basic phrases of the language to, so that you don’t look like a complete idiot not understanding a word of what the locals are saying.

It can be hard to cook your own food if you don’t have a kitchen where you’re staying, but if you have the possibility to cook yourself  it’s a great way of tasting local food.

Most of the Scandinavian countries have “Dagens Lunch“, Lunch of the day, which is usually “husmanskost“, some sort of meat dish with potatoes. It costs about 59 sek in Norway about 79. And most of the time you get coffee for free.

In United kingdom the foodculture is a lot like America but more based on sausages, eggs and bacon. And of course fish and chips. Served breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can get food just about anywhere and it’s usually cheap. But try to keep of the main streets, the usually keep somewhat higher prices.
In Scotland they have some specialities. One is Haggis, which is heart, liver and lungs from sheep, mixed with minced onions, stock and spices.

Another one is fried Marsbar, which is exactly what it sounds like. A Marsbar that is….fried.
Yes….you can eat it😛

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