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Flashbacks to Dauin, Philippines

Flashbacks to Dauin, Philippines

Philippines. Oh, how we long to go back to the sun and the clear blue water.
There are many places in the world for that, but Philippines is known to have some of the best beaches and best waters in the world. We went to Dauin to experience this because we had heard that the snorkeling would be amazing there.

I remember we got of at Dumaguete, a town just 25 minutes by car from Dauin, and found a hotel.
There was really not much to do in Dumaguete and the next day we headed of with a local bus to Dauin.

Dauin is a small town that has it’s biggest income from the beach. Fish goes to the market, that goes to locals and tourists, Snorkeling activities, hotels by the beach, Scuba diving and so much more.

I remember we went down to the beach after getting off the bus. The weather wasn’t great and the beach was empty. I should say it wasn’t high season either. Can we really snorkel here, we thought. It didn’t look like much to us.
Well, we got this far so why not. After finding some cool guys at Bongo Bongo Divers who is located just next to the beach, we rented some gear. Why not try, we’ve come all this way.

The area is a marine sanctuary and protected so we had to pay a fee of 50 Peso (full day) to get in the water.
It looked like any other sand beach. Not a white one, but nice. But we had our doubts about finding anything here.

But as soon as we got in the water we were sold to the water world. A few steps into the water, the sand had an edge and had a smooth steep a meter or two down and there it was. The corals, the fish and everything in between.

We couldn’t get enough and went back in, and back in again, and again. For me, this was my first time snorkeling and I was so scared. But it was too beautiful to just let it be.
We even got too see wild sea turtles.
One of my best experiences ever!

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