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Dreaming of Kilimanjaro

Dreaming of Kilimanjaro

Before we even went on our long Asia adventure we had plans of going up Kilimanjaro. We ended up in Indonesia, Nepal and others countries in Asia instead which took us up to mountains like Mt. Batur and the Himalayas.
And did we get a taste for those mountains?! you bet we did.
Looking at photos of Kilimanjaro and the savannas of Tanzania doesn’t really make it better does it.
One day we will be there to climb it. In the meantime we hope you’ll enjoy our previous travels.
Click on the link read all about our amazing nine day mountain adventure in Himalayas

Himalayan adventure 0/9 – Preparations
Himalayan adventure 1/9 – Getting there!
Himalayan adventure 2/9 – First day trekking
Himalayan adventure 3/9 – Day 2 trekking
Himalayan adventure 4/9 – Langtang Day three trekking
Himalayan adventure 5/9 – Arriving in Langtang
Himalayan adventure 6/9 – The storm
Himalayan adventure 7/9 – Almost there
Himalayan adventure 8/9 – Syabrubesi
Himalayan adventure 9/9 – The Finale

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