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Kandy, Sri lanka

After spending most of our Sri Lanka adventure on the west coast in Hikkaduwa and Kosgoda, we decided it was time to head inwards to get a glimpse of the Sri Lanka countryside and get cultivated. We did not want to go back to the city life in Negombo or Colombo just yet.
We heard many people, locals and tourists, speak of Kandy. Kandy is the place to go if you want to go into the country, everyone said. There are so many things to do here, another one said. All the TukTuk drivers we met said they could take us to Kandy because in Kandy is where it all happens.
So it was quite obvious that Kandy became our next target.
We headed towads the train station and set course towards Kandy.
The train ride there is spectacular and is said to be one of the best views in Sri Lanka. The train slowly climb to higher altitude and rides over valleys overlooking misty mountians and valleys of rice paddies and plantations.
Riding a train in Sri Lanka really is an experience on its own.

We arrived in Kandy, but we were a bit surprised. The city is bigger than we got the impression of. And very polluted.
Well, this is just the first sight. It will get better, we thought.
After looking around for a place to stay a guard told us that there are not so many hotels in the city centre. We have to go a bit further from the city centre pass the central market and beyond the lake. Ok, so we did.
The TukTuk driver where rude and unhelpful and after staying a good 15 minutes in the heavy rain we got a tip from two other tourists of a cheaper place to stay for under 2000 Rupees (which can be hard to find in Kandy)
We squeezed all of our bags and ourselves into another TukTuk and headed off to Suiss resindence up on the hill.
After setteling in and saying hello to the monkeys sitting outside our panorama window we asked our driver what there is to do here.
There are many things to do. Elephant village, Elephant orphanage, tea factory, moonstone mines. Just to mention a few. But none of them are in Kandy as everyone says.

All attractions are at least 10 kilometers away from Kandy and requires a TukTuk and a full day to complete. Our driver said that for 3000 Rupees he could take us to the tea factory and another attraction and back.
Kandy is hectic but there are areas where you can walk along the lake promenade, take a walk in the forest or eat at one of the many cafes in the city.
It has a small town charm to it.
But we did not stay here since all attractions are in other villages. Something that people don’t tell you because they think you want to stay in a bigger town and not in rural villages.
The elephant village is in Pinnawela for example, so it might be a good choice going there if you are doing that activity instead of staying in Kandy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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