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Known by many as one of the cheapest countries in Asia, Philippines also has a lot to offer besides cheap meals. We went there to experience the country and see it for ourselves.

Manila being the capital or was a huge contrast from other Asian countries we have been to. Guards outside of every store and prostitution where very dominent at night time and hotels warmed us about scams and robbery. But we didn’t spend that much time in the capital to really experience the local way of life in Manila.

Philippines as a country is very influenced by America. Once an american military base the countries main food is now American and many shops feel American. It can be hard to find some authentic Philippino food in the bigger cities for example.

In central and southern Philippines beaches and water adventure in Dauin waited for us. Head over to Siquijor for some black magic whitch hunting or to Cebu for swimming with whale sharks. Or Visayas and Boracay for the ultimate beaches.

The north, Luzon, offers indiginious tribes and one of the most spectacular rice paddies in the world.

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