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Indonesia is one of our favorite countries so far. It has a very strong connection to it’s heritage and culture is visible everywhere. Among the people and sights.

The country has many religions represented but we spent most of our time on Bali which is mainly Hindu and people wore their native clothing daily when attending ceremonies at their community or family temples.

Indonesia is divided in several islands but it is very easy and relatively effortless traveling through the islands and between them. There are trains on Java, which is the biggest island if you wish to spend a few days in one of the busiest cities in the world, Jakarta, which is also the capital. And then head over for some cultivating quality time in Yogyakarta and Prambanan or go mountain trekking and see the sunrise on Mt. Batur

The second island, Bali, has a rumor of being very exotic and tropical. Sure there are nice beaches like Sanur or the surf town of Medewi. But the cities and towns, like the cultural Ubud, is more interesting in our opinion. It is said to be the cultural center on Bali.

On Lombok it feels like time has stopped and everything has been left as it was years ago. With a huge amount of charm you can go island hopping in the Gili islands or party all night long. Visit the secret islands for a honeymoon escape or to Kuta, Lombok or Desert point to explore a surfers paradise.

There are many more islands to explore in Indonesia and we had so little time. But Indonesia is definitely one of the countries we will come back to just to explore it. You will find that all the time in the world will not be enough to explore this adventurous country. But you will probably leave feeling that this has been the best holiday ever.
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