Toronto, Canada, Downtown

A day in Downtown Toronto, Canada

A day in Downtown Toronto, Canada

Good morning everyone! The man on the train said cheerful as everyone, including us, waited to go on board.
This was our first time ever going on a train in Canada and we honored this day by going to Toronto’s number one attraction. Downtown.

Sitting in one of the carriages it struck me how friendly Canadians are. Strangers talking to each other, smiling and saying hello when sitting down. Even though it is early morning and people are headed towards jobs and kindergartens and all those places you need to be at this hour and it is freezing outside, people still have the time to smile and say hello. I listened to a woman talking about dog skirts and her two dogs, I watched a woman being completely devoured by her Bible she brought with her. Friendliness in general seems to be common here.
That is something we do not see every day elsewhere in the world.

We have heard that this is the typical Canadian way.
So Canada, you’re up for the test! We thought as the train rolled in at Union station, Downtown.

Skyscrapers dominated the sky as we stepped out of the train station. A bit overwhelmed but excited we made our way towards central Toronto downtown through the mass of others with the same mission.

It was a really cold day. Colder than any other, but typical Canadian cold judging by the others around us.

Eaton center, the ice rink, Chinatown and Little Italy. The waterfront, St Lawrence market and Young street.
We made sure we made this our ultimate Downtown showdown.

When the sun started to hide behind the tallest skyscrapers and the biting cold really started to get to us we realized how much we had left to see.
Downtown Toronto is massive and there is no chance you could see it in one day as a tourist. Only the food experience of the food trucks, Poutine and urban restaurants would take you a day to full fill on the bucket list.

We still have the famous Hockey museum left to visit. Hudson Bay, The Islands, Ripleys and the top of the CN tower.

But to be honest, we don’t mind. Because Canada passed the test. Friendliness really is the Canadian way and who wouldn’t want to experience that friendliness on a everyday basis. And judging by what we have seen on our day in Downtown, we haven’t seen half of it yet. It really is a must visit if you are in the region.
Downtown, we are coming back!


Toronto, Canada, Downtown

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