Cu Chi tunnels information – outside Ho Chi Minh City

Cu Chi tunnels information (Củ Chi), Vietnam

One of the most visited attractions in the southern parts of Vietnam is the Cu Chi tunnels.

Having served in two major wars like the American-Vietnamese war in the 1960s and 1970s it now stands as a reminder of what once was.

Cu chi tunnels information Getting to the Cu Chi tunnels by local transportation from Ho Chi Minh city can be tricky as the actual village of Cu Chi is a few kilometers away from the bus stop. It would probably take half an hour or two to get there by foot. Most travel agencies and hotels has transportation to get to the tunnels.

To go there with car takes 45 minutes to an hour and is approximately 35 USD. Then you get an air-conditioned car that can take you there and stop for picture taking along the way.

Renting a motorbike is another option and probably cheaper. Just make sure that you have a map or GPS with you.

You can also go there with motorbike an driver. Deal with the driver about the price, otherwise it will be just as expensive as going there by car.

Once you get to the tunnel you realise how many tourists are actually there. If you would like a more non-touristy spot then there is another set of tunnels about a 45 minute drive from the first tunnels. But those tunnels are not adjusted to western people. If you are too big you might be denied to entry the tunnels.

The entry fee for the sight is 90.000 Vietnamese Dong. The fee includes access to the whole area and a guide. The only thing that costs extra is if you’d like to fire a weapon at the shooting range.Củ Chi tunnels -

After a quick stop at the weapon gallery we where pushed through a long tunnel where the staff took the tickets. We entered the sight feeling a bit lost as there are no signs of where to go or what there is to see. We wandered around for a couple of minutes and found to bunkers just a few steps away from the entrance where they where showing a small documentary, or introduction video, from the war and the tunnels. People where already sitting there and the movie was already on. We where after a while directed to one of the bunkers to watch the movie. A small screen in front of 50 wooden chairs.

After the TV session a guide took us to the side and told us he was our guide for today if we weren’t already signed up for one. Perfect! At least now we know where to go.

He showed us the small hidden entries to some of the original tunnels that where used during the war, the bomb craters and some traps. We went down in one of the wholes but it was way to small to fit any of us. So we made an attempt at another authentic tunnel further in where we could walk a few meters and get out on the other side. Impressive and very small. Not recommended for those with severe claustrophobia.

Củ Chi tunnels - MahzTravel.comWe then got to see some of the reconstructed traps that the locals used for trapping American soldiers and how they where dressed.

The tour ended in “Tapioca fiesta” as our guide announced. We ate what the loclas ate during there hide outs in the tunnels and some tea. Then it ended with a walk through the souvenir shop. No purchase required.

If you don’t like touristy attractions and reconstructed memorabilia then this place is probably not for you. But it is a nice way to get an insight of Vietnamese culture and history and a nice way to spend the day if you’d like to get out of the city.

There is a small cafe inside the attraction and toilets are available. Bring along some good mosquito repellant as there are many mosquito’s in the Cu Chi jungle.

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