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MahzTravel is a travel website which offers a forum for the curious traveller. We wish to inspire people to reach for their goals and prove that nothing is impossible as long as you really want it.
Our dream is to travel the world and experience as much as we can, who knows what the world will look like and what places are left in as little as 50 years. We don’t want to look back and say: “We should have gone there”.
We travel to meet people, share experiences and to learn new ways.

” I’ve always wanted to travel to far places. Just never got to that point before where I actually booked a ticket and left. But I felt so kept away from new experiences, as if I was keeping myself in a safe place in case of an “emergency”. I managed to get out of my everyday-thinking and a new desire to explore my senses and a desire to grow as a person, to be more independent  grew bigger for everyday. And has continued to grow eversince. I just hope that our work on mahztravel can inspire more people to do the same”

And we believe that there are many more like us out there. This is our way to connect with you and those who wish they lived out their dreams but just haven’t done it yet.

So get inspired! Get with MahzTravel!

We offer our readers on-sight videos, tips and information from all over the world. We travel with a very small budget and are willing to go far to present quality material to our readers.
We are always on the lookout for similar minded entrepreneurs who aims to get their message out there.

We are currently on the lookout for brand ambassadorships and sponsoring.

Are you an organization or a company that wants to reach out with your ideas?
We can help you put a face to it and reach your targeted group through our channels.
If you are looking to leverage destination or a brand, we provide an excellent platform to reach out to an extensive group of audience.

Join us, and it could be the start of a next great adventure!

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