Hospital Cave , CatBa Island

Cat Ba Island – Halong Bay

Cat Ba Island

Our scooter has been our reliable friend through the whole day, taking us through almost the whole CatBa Island. We visited the national park, but there where to many mosquitos and to much “forest” so better clothing is required. So we’ll do that some other day. We also found the Hospital cave that was used by over 200 vietnamese soldiers during the war. A guide suddenly appeared with a gun pointing at us and he had a hat that looked like  the one once used by the soldiers. At first I thought that maybe we’re tresspassing, but after a moment or two I came to the conclusion that that was just part of the act. Fun guide though and it as one of those I can say was well money spent..

Leo got some fantastic pictures of butterflies at the cave aswell, there are literally hundereds of them here on this island, and pretty ones too.

The nightmarket is opened but it’s dark and it’s colder now. We have already been out the whole day so we don’t really feel like taking a step outside. Maybe we’ll hook up with our spanish friends that we met on our first tour to the Phouong Nha caves last week.They are also here on CatBa  island now. Maybe we’ll go over to their hotel, play some pool and relax. We’ll see how the eveing turns out.

Hospital Cave , CatBa Island

Hospital Cave , CatBa Island

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