Café Husaren in Haga, Gothenburg, Sweden

Café Husaren in Haga

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough Café Husaren is not a destination like a tempel, church or a national trust location mentioned in guidebooks. Café husaren is named by many as one of the highlights to visit in Gothenburg.

A typical Swedish  tradition is “Fika” which means meeting over a cup of coffee. “Kanelbulle“, a cinnamon bun, is a classic that goes with the coffee.
At Café Husaren, you’ll not only get delicious cinnamonbuns, you get them in megasize in a nice old setting in an old ! A nice end of the day to share a megasize cinnamon bun (if you eat it alone there are doggybags if you can’t handle the size) or taking a break in the lovely Quarter of Haga.

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