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Border crossing Vietnam Cambodia

Border crossing Vietnam Cambodia

There are several ports where you can enter Cambodia from Vietnam. Our journey went from Can Tho to Ha Tien and from there we entered Cambodia. The village on the Vietnamese side is actually called Xa Xia but the closest city is Ha Tien. Port of entry in Cambodia from Ha Tien is Prek Char.

The border is quite an anonymous border. A big gate but no one said anything, no guards no nothing, as we pass the first gate. Only a handful of motorbike drivers who tried to get our attention to take us somewhere once we crossed the border. We then entered an area with office booths on one side with glass walls where we get our passports stamped for exiting Vietnam. Transit to next station.

We walked about 100 meters to a small house between the exit stamp and the next station where they check our passport once again. Then walked a few hundred meters to go to the next halt.
Here we have a section of steps to go through.

First we filled out a visa application form. Don’t bother downloading and filling out in advance. Most of those are not correct. Have a passport photo with you, you will need one for the visa application and there is no photo booth at the border.
As you hand in your application the passport will be stamped and you will have a huge sticker in the passport stating the length of your visa. There you’ll pay the application fee. We paid in Vietnamese Dong which is at the time 1.200.000 for two people.
Vietnamese Dong. Or approximately 25 dollars per person.
The man in the booth will ask you a couple of questions of your itinerary but not very intentionally though. The application claimed an address of hotel or destination. We only knew a few hotels from the Lonely Planet and used one of those not even stating the address.
Then go to the next uniformed man in a booth and fill out your arrival card. There you will be charged a fee of 20.000 Dong per person or 2 Dollars per person.
Next stop is the health check.Not as scary as it sounds. You fill out a form stating if you have felt headache, fever or had diarrhea the past week and which country you have spent your past week in and hand it in. The staff will take your temperature just to be sure.

That is it and then you are granted entry to Cambodia.
We did get the feeling that the border between Vietnam-Cambodia is not very strict. But they are very helpful and nice on the Cambodian side. Good luck with your amazing journey to Cambodia!

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