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Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island, Malay, Western Visayas, Philippines

Boracay, known for its white sandy beaches and perfect water. And it is true. You can get all of this. In Boracay.

During recent years the island of Boracay has boomed in tourism and so has the hotels and everything else. It is estimated that Boracay has over 22.000 visitors each month from all over the world. Mainly Chinese and Korean.

Boracay is at the tip of the island Visayas it is a small island where there are no cars allowed. Only tricycles and motorbikes.


Getting to Boracay depends on your current location of course. But there are several options.

If you are in Philippines already you can take a domestic flight from any of Philippines airports to Caticlan or Kalibo. Those are the closest airports to Boracay. From there you can take a tricycle to the port of Caticlan where the fast boats departs from.

To get to the island you need to pass three ticket booth and pay three fees before you can think of entering the port terminal.

First you pay the ticket fee of 25.000 Rupiah. Them you pay the terminal fee of 75.000 Rupiah and then the environmental fee that is 50.000 Rupiah. The fees can be changed without any prior notice so be sure to have enough money with you before you leave for the island.

The boat trip from the Caticlan port takes 20 minutes.

When you arrive at the port of Boracay there will be tricycles waiting to take you to your hotel, the price is usually 100.000 Rupiah for one tricycle.

Boracay stations

To make it easier to locate on the island, Boracay is divided in three zones.

Zone one is the closest to the port and is also the most quite area with less tourists and cozy restaurants. The food here is quite international with a Lt of German and Italian food. The beach is more quiet here.

Zone two is the most popular zone where most bars and buffet seafood restaurants are. Most tourists crowd here to do their shopping or eat out at one of the many beach restaurants and to watch the entertainers show,their talents during dinner.

Zone three has more bigger hotels with a !ore resort type of feel. The beach is more crowded during the afternoons because of the sunset that slowly fades in the horizon towards zone three. Expect to pay a bit more for accommodation here.

Sights & attractions

It is not so much about what you see on Boracay. Is more about what you do.

Boracay living is all about walking the beach walk, hanging out at the beach, swim in the crystal clear clean water and eat food. Live the good life and go snorkeling or kite surfing if you get bored. You can easily get into the way of island living on Boracay.

If you like pool parties, keep a lookout for the ones selling tickets for the pool party that is going down on Wednesdays and saturdays. The price is 500.000 Rupiah and you get free welcome shots upon arrival. The party goes on until 2 at night. Good way to meet other tourists and hang out.

Boracay has a good selection of seafood. Check out one of the many all you can eat buffets that are lined up at zone two.


The prices vary from zone to zone. But expect to pay at least 600.000 Rupiah per person, per night. But you can bargain away heavily on Boracay since the competition is really hard. The hotel staff will tell You that this is the cheapest you can come by in the zone and that they would like you to stay. But still do a bit of heavy bargaining and you can enjoy your stay without feeling ripped of.

Good to know


ATMs are available in zone two at the Small which also holds the only supermarket on the island.


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