Boat tour in Halong Bay, Cat ba Island (Vietnam)

Boat tour in Halong Bay, Cat ba Island

Halong BayTake a boat tour around Halong Bay, World Heri­tage site. Beautiful limestonepillars that stands majesticly in the water.

Legend says that when the vietnamese just started to develop their country they faced invaders. To help the people the gods sendt a family of dragons to protect them. The dragons spat out pearls and Jade that formed the pillars we see today. The dragons decided to stay on earth and are said to still live in the waters of Halong Bay.

There are numerous boats and cruises (about 500 in total that are licensed to cruise in Halong Bay) that takes you around Halong Bay. Most of them charges a lot of money, but you can bargain your way to better deals if you are a determined traveler.


Halong Bay

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