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Birthday present for a traveler

Birthday present for a traveler

You remember when you were a kid and your birthday was coming up. You probably wished for a pony or a bat mobile or something far fetched like that. And then you grow older and start to wish for more realistic stuff like a car (Like that’s more reasonable).

But usually we wish for jewelry or things we want but usually don’t buy for ourselves.

But when you’re a traveler, what should you wish for? And what do you get for a nomad or a traveler. What do you give as a birthday present for a traveler?

Half of the time all you really want to do as a traveler is to throw stuff out of the backpack and curse it as it comes out for making your back hurt. So getting more stuff is probably not such a good idea.

Carrying a lot of stuff around is some things we travelers try to avoid as much as possible.

Maybe the bat mobile would be a good choice. Or maybe I’ll ask for that pony when it’s my birthday coming up!

Being a traveler is most of the times a task of thinking creative. What do I need, what do I want but don’t need, can I organize my backpack better, can I use this string of rope for something.

It’s all about making the money last as long as it possibly can.

So if you are someone looking for a birthday present for one of your traveler friends or family, ask them to tell you about a typical week or what they think their major challenge is. You can get a lot of information from that. Because for a traveler is really about giving something they need and not what they want.

Like for me, I want to save money, but I don’t want to live at really crappy, moldy, insect infested, hole in the ceiling hotels. So a gift card with a free night or more at a decent hotel with hot shower would be the perfect gift. For someone who loves going on train rides, maybe a voucher or a ticket. A gift card on the major airline of the country the traveler is in perhaps?

Money transfers might seem boring, but as it turns out, travel is in many ways all about the money.

Travel gear is also appreciated. Travel towel, bag organizers, solar power charging stations. Think “lightweight“and you could never go wrong.

If your traveler has already started the journey a tour ticket or an experience ticket could be something fun.

An email saying that the travel insurance is updated with a new period and payed for is gold worth for a long time traveler. Because that is something you need but don’t really feel like spending money on. It’s just one of those things you’re glad to have invested in if that day would come when you actually need it.

So there it is.

Our best tips on how to get a birthday present for a traveler.

But wait. What if you are traveling with someone that has a birthday?

Easy. Get that person a ticket or a voucher for something you can do together. It is more fun that way and you’ll have a great memory to share.

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