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Bird watching around Phewa lake – Pokhara

Bird watching around Phewa lake – Pokhara

Today we decided to do something productive. There are many things to see and do around Pokhara if you’re not doing the Anapurna trail or or Panchase. Or if you have already done it. Or in transit.
The Devi’s fall and Peace pagoda had to wait and we decided to go birdwatching. Our CEO, Leonardo, is a photographer always going on about wanting to head into nature for some wildlife photography in each country. So we figured it was time to hook him up with some of the beauties around Pokhara.
We rented a scooter and headed to the east side of the lake out into the wetlands. Sarangkot is north of the lake, the peace pagoda is south of the lake.
The roads are not as good as in Pokhara town but the scooter still managed to get through the landscape. The way around the east side of the lake is not that much uphill.
We passed a few farming villages and stopped when we saw a rice field on opposite side of a man built canal from the lake. There were many cranes. Beautiful white ones all over the field. Leonardo got so excited and we jumped on the small floating boat made out of recycled petrol tanks and wooden planks to get to the other side.
After a few attempts chasing down the cranes with the camera we got a tip to head further into the landscape.
So we did and Leonardo was in his elements shooting gorgeous pictures of eagles and local bird beauties. We have seen eagles flying and soaring the skies of Nepal for weeks now. They are common here but hard to catch on camera.
Finally Leonardo got one. And the day was complete.
There are many agencies that offers bird watching tours but we feel it is really not necessary to spend money on tours and guides to go birdwatching in Pokhara.
Sure, they can show you good spots. But it is just as rewarding heading out on your own.
Have a look at some of the gorgeous birds Leonardo captured on camera.
To see more photos from Leonardo have a look at his portfolio on his website mahzouni.com.



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