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Beach massage in Ao Nang Thailand

Beach massage in Ao Nang Thailand

Many people associate Thailand with traditional Thai massage. And not mistakenly there are massage parlors and beauty parlors to be found almost everywhere in Thailand. Even in smaller cities.
We spent a few days in Krabi and Ao Nang beach was a popular beach destination for us. In Ao Nang, one of the most well known things to do is to head straight to one of the massage vendors. Before or after some hours at the beach of course.

There are a few massage parlors along the main street but these are not as visited as the ones along the beach.
Walking along the beach promenade there are only one or two vendors but you will be approached by locals asking if you want a massage. They will offer you better prices than the other parlors on the promenade. These vendors are “hidden” behind the last promenade gate and there are literally numbers of small sheds. They look pretty simple and the decor is not something spent money on, but they do offer everything from traditional foot massage and scrub to traditional Thai massage and nail art.
Starting prices are usually 150 Thai Baht.
Note! Do NOT ask for a so called “happy ending” after your massage as these are respected and serious massage parlors. Doing so will be very offensive.


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