Hanoi, Vietnam

Arrived in Hanoi

Arrived in Hanoi

After spending over 30 hours on travel and waiting at airports, we made it to Hanoi. The hotel is really nice with a view over West Lake. Leo did a great job arranging our stay.
We dropped of our backpacks and went straight into the city.

The first thing that struck us was thousands of scooters. I have never seen so many in one place.

We made a friend by the name of Wang Lang Chu who drove us around in a cyclo (a bicycle with a twoseats sofa on it). 54 years old and drove us around like he had muscles of steel (well, he did a bit of walking aswell but still a huge achievement)

We will give you all the updates and details as soon as possible. Right now we’re just exhausted from all the impressions and we want to get an early start tomorrow. So see you guys laterLer

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