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There are a lot of activities and sights in Koh Samui. To cover them all we would need a lot more space so we picked out a few of those we visited. So here are our best tips for a good time

The Island of Samui
  • Laem Sor Pagoda – I can be found at the southern tip of Koh Samui. Its golden color is beautiful is the sunlight. The entrance is guarded by two ‘Yak’ (Giant). It’s a great place to take a photo to remember because you don’t have anything around it destroying your photos, and the turquoise sea behind the statue just make it even more perfect. It’s located eleven kilometres south of Lamai.
  • Thai boxing/ Muay Thai – If you ever want to train and learn self-defense visit the SuperPro Samui gym in Chaweng. They are all professionals and they have a lot of champions in the gym. If you like to see one of their training sessions check out our video. If you like to stay there for a day of a week they have their “Hotel” you can stay at and they also have package deals and the standards are way better than the other hotels in the area.


  • ReEarth Festival – The Reearth project and festival in Thailand is a close co-operation between a group of Swedish friends in the music, media and travel industry and the local Thai community on Koh Samui. The aim is to spread awareness and find positive ways and solutions to reverse environmental damage – and have fun at the same time! But I can say if you are not swedish you will not have as much fun as the hundreds of swedish people there.
  • The Beach – The Beach in Lamai is long and you will find bars and hotels along the whole thing, I don’t think its the best beaches I have seen in Thailand but you can still relax and enjoy the sun if you like that kind of thing, You will once in a while find people coming to you selling you snacks and other refreshment.
  • Shopping – Chaweng has the best shopping in my opinion. Lamai is one of the smaller cities on Koh Samui so the shopping will not be as good as in Chaweng, But they have the night market I really liked. Nice and calm and you can just walk around looking and bargain for a good price in your own tempo.
  • Nightlife – There is a nightlife in Lamai but if you want a good party and nice clubs I have a great tip for you go to Chaweng! Lamai is okey to party at to, but the most people there are a bit older (Nothing wrong with that, Just saying!) They have a weekly lady Thai boxing on the main street on Saturday nights. Just buy a drink at one of the Go-Go bars surrounding the ring and it is free to watch.
  • Rock Bar / Hin Ta & Hin Yai – Located off Route 4169 on Samui’s south-east coast, about two kilometres south of central Lamai Beach. Hin Ta & Hin Yai is stones shaped as a penis and a vagina and a lot of tourist visit it to have a laugh, but most of them miss out on the nice bar just beside it called Rock Bar(It’s a Special place).

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