Swimming with wild turtles

Swimming with wild turtles Charlie and Leonardo from Mahztravel travels to Dauin, Philippines. This protected marine sanctuary holds one of the worlds most beautiful coral reefs. Wild turtles come here from the open water and we had the chance to get a good look at them. Dauin offers great snorkeling and diving opportunities for both […]

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Krong Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia

Krong Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia Traveling through or around Cambodia often means a trip to Kampot. Kampot is one of the bigger towns in southern Cambodia and unlike its neighbor Kep it has small shops, supermarkets and ATMs. Kampot offers a calm riverside with bars, restaurants and pubs with a relaxed feeling and good food. The […]

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Inside report from Vietnam, the land of noodles. Part 2

Inside report from Vietnam, the land of noodles. Part 2 This is our video from our expedition to Vietnam. Concentrating on northern Vietnam we went from Hanoi to Hue. Traveling further south to Hoi An. Back to the north again to Halong bay and Catba Island. Prepared for almost everything we headed out on a […]

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Vadstena Tourist information

Vadstena In the heart of Sweden lay this mysterical little town called Vadstena. Full of history it enchanted me and brought me back hundreds of years in time. Walking the stonetiled streets I could see in my mind how people lived their lives here back then. I myself have lived in a historical village and am […]

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