Happy New Year 2015!!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] Happy New Year 2015! The year of 2014 has been n amazing year for us. We have been world nomads for almost 11 months of this year and what an adventure indeed. 2014 took us places we probably never would have seen if we wouldn’t have headed it into the world in March […]

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Himalaya trekking in Nepal 0/9 – Preperations

Himalaya trekking in Nepal Day 0: preparation We are in Nepal. The centre for mountain trekking and adventures. And let me tell you that it is absolutely amazing. We will spend the next posts telling you about our mountain adventure just because it was just that amazing. We sat with our Nepal map on the […]

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monastery, Kosgoda, Sri Lanka, teach english, monks
Live with monks in Kosgoda, Sri Lanka

Living with monks in Kosgoda, Sri Lanka An adventure can come to you at any time. All over the world, at home, on your way to work, or in Kosgoda in Sri Lanka. We took a train ride down south to experience the coast life and visit a turtle hatchery. Without really knowing where to […]

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Through the lens with Leonardo #BALI

Through the lens with Leonardo #BALI #2 –  Highlights of Bali, Indonesia #2 This time I am going to present to you my highlights of the island Bali. We traveled for about 1½ months in Indonesia and most of the time we were on Bali.  The images are from Medewi where we meet my good […]

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Hongkong, travel, lens, street photography, downtown, skyline
Through the lens with Leonardo #HONGKONG

Through the lens with Leonardo #HONGKONG #1 Through the lens with me Leonardo M. is where i present you my favorite images. #1 Here we see Hong Kong it was our first destination on our 3 year long trip around the world. I have been travelling for a longer period of time before but NEVER 3 years!  The […]

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