Ha Tien the border to south Cambodia

Ha Tien border town Vietnam. For many travellers visiting Vietnam the journey often goes to Cambodia as well. Many nationalities do not need a visa prior to entering Cambodia, you will get visa upon arrival. Ha Tien town is the closest town to the Cambodian border and many tourists make a stop here either to […]

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Vietnam Capital: Hanoi Largest city: Ho Chi Minh City Population: 87,840,000 (2011 census) Time zone: IST (UTC+07) Currency: đồng (₫)(VND) Vietnam is a country under construction. They have come a long way but still has a long way to go. In our opinion Vietnam is the place to go if you like to see cultural […]

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Project: Vietnam & Cambodja

Project: Vietnam & Cambodja It is done!!! Tickets are booked and planning the trip is at status: full speed ahead! We are taking on our next project. 2 weeks total in Vietnam and Cambodja. This is going to be awsome!the only thing remaining now is to get me,Charlie, vaccinated and supplied with a passport. At […]

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