Up! Up! And Away! – Oslo Flight Club

Up! Up! And Away! Last weekend I came across a post on Facebook that really caught my eyes. It was from a guy that said you could fly an airplane for a smaller amount of money. Just a 10-minute trainride from where we live. I got so excited that I threw myself on the keyboard […]

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Frogner Park, Oslo, Norway
Frognerparken in Oslo, Norway

Frogner Parken in Oslo Frognerparken is the biggest park in central Oslo, spreading over a 100 hectars. Many locals come here in the weekends for a walk, sunbathing, exercise or just for recreation from the busy citylife.

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Earth hour 2013, Oslo, Norway

Earth hour 2013, Oslo, Norway The Earth hour 2013 is over. We made it through this one as well as we spent our Earth hour overlooking the city skyline of Oslo, Norway. Earth hour is all about making collective changes to save our planet from the harsh enviromental challenges it faces and saving resources. Earth […]

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Russian airport Sherem
Welcome to Russia

Welcome to Russia We are now in a transit between Oslo and Hanoi, Vietnam. Stuck in an airport in Moscow (Russia) for 12 hours where no one ( absolutely no one) speaks english. The flight went well, except for a minor delay from Norway. But we made it so far. We tried to figure out […]

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Opera, Oslo, Norway
Oslo Autumn 2012

Oslo Autumn 2012 Gallery: From Oslo in autumn 2012.  Photos from Charlies iPhone when we filmed “One day in Oslo” Photo by Charlie.

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