2 Weeks in Sri Lanka

2 weeks in Sri Lanka in January was a great decision to make. It was cold and dark in Sweden. We found cheap last minute flights. So here is a small album of photos from the Sri Lanka trip. Colombo Hikkaduwa Unawatuna. It was the second time in Sri Lanka and I don’t think it […]

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Koh Jum, Thaialnd, island, beach
Koh Jum island, Thailand

Koh Jum island, Thailand After being in Thailand several times now we figured it was time to try something new. Spending a few days in Bangkok then led us to Krabi where we waited for family to come visit us. We knew there was to be a few paradise islands ouside of Krabi, like Railai […]

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The Day of Silence – Nyepi, Balinese New Year

Nyepi is Balinese new year or often called “the Day of Silence”. It is a Hindu tradition mostly celebrated in Bali, Indonesia. Nyepi falls in march according to the Balinese calendar.Although it is a new year celebration, Nyepi is a day of fasting, meditation and self-reflection for the Balinese. As a Balinese you are not […]

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