ceremony, Hindu, Sanur, Bali
A ceremony on Bali, Indonesia

A ceremony on Bali, Indonesia Bali is in general divided and shared amongst Hindus and Muslims. It is quite an amazing site to see if you are lucky to witness an important ceremony. In Ubud we witnessed Nyepi and the Ogho Ogho festival. In Sanur we witnessed a completely different ceremony on the Sanur beach. […]

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The Day of Silence – Nyepi, Balinese New Year

Nyepi is Balinese new year or often called “the Day of Silence”. It is a Hindu tradition mostly celebrated in Bali, Indonesia. Nyepi falls in march according to the Balinese calendar.Although it is a new year celebration, Nyepi is a day of fasting, meditation and self-reflection for the Balinese. As a Balinese you are not […]

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Thailand – Koh Samui

Activities – Koh Samui There are a lot of activities and sights in Koh Samui. To cover them all we would need a lot more space so we picked out a few of those we visited. So here are our best tips for a good time The Island of Samui Laem Sor Pagoda – I can be […]

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Framme i Lamai, Koh Samui

Framme i Lamai efter en lång tur från Bangkok! Blåsta igen av turist byron.. dock inte lite hårt som Jimmy Sandra och jag blev i Dehli så det är ju ett plus… Turist byron berättade att vi skulle vara framme den 1a Feb. på kvällen vid 11 tiden, men det kom fram när vi satt […]

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