Sweden Capital:  Stockholm Largest city: 1: Stockholm 2: Gothenburg 3: Malmö Population: 9,514,406 (2012 census) Time zone: IST (UTC+01 Currency:  Swedish krona (SEK) When you think of Sweden you might say something like: Swedish midsummer, blond girls, seafood and northern light. Sweden has all of that. But the girls are not only blond. We have the full colourspectrum like everywhere […]

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Norway Capital: Oslo Largest city: Oslo Population: 5,002,942 (2012 census) Time zone: IST (UTC+1 Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK) Norway famous for its fjords, oil and Vikings. We have seen none of these, except for the Fjords. To see the Fjords your destination would be east or north. You have to keep in mind, that even […]

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