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Bird watching around Phewa lake – Pokhara

Bird watching around Phewa lake – Pokhara Today we decided to do something productive. There are many things to see and do around Pokhara if you’re not doing the Anapurna trail or or Panchase. Or if you have already done it. Or in transit. The Devi’s fall and Peace pagoda had to wait and we decided […]

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Iceland Capital: Reykjavík Largest city: Reykjavík Population: 323.810 2013 estimate Time zone: GMT (UTC+0) Currency: ISK – Icelandic Krona Iceland, the mysteriuos country that has lured our imagination and travelinstinct for years. A trip to Iceland has always been a dream for us. To discover the country that is said to have mars-like landscape and fairytale surroundings. Is this really true? we thought. We […]

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Vadstena Tourist information

Vadstena In the heart of Sweden lay this mysterical little town called Vadstena. Full of history it enchanted me and brought me back hundreds of years in time. Walking the stonetiled streets I could see in my mind how people lived their lives here back then. I myself have lived in a historical village and am […]

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