How to kill time in an Russian airport like Sherem

How to kill time in an Russian airport like Sherem   Russian airport Sherem in Moscow is not a very big airport. Walking trough it would probably take just about 10 minutes. We were stuck here for twelve hours. And after walking past several terminals and Moscow Duty free–shops, we found that Burger King was […]

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Hanoi, Vietnam
Arrived in Hanoi

Arrived in Hanoi After spending over 30 hours on travel and waiting at airports, we made it to Hanoi. The hotel is really nice with a view over West Lake. Leo did a great job arranging our stay. We dropped of our backpacks and went straight into the city. The first thing that struck us […]

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Russian airport Sherem
Welcome to Russia

Welcome to Russia We are now in a transit between Oslo and Hanoi, Vietnam. Stuck in an airport in Moscow (Russia) for 12 hours where no one ( absolutely no one) speaks english. The flight went well, except for a minor delay from Norway. But we made it so far. We tried to figure out […]

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5 days left for travel to Vietnam

5 days left for travel to Vietnam The last week I have finished planning most of the things for the website, We had an awesome launch and I want to give a big thanks to all you people who joined us on our opening. It is now 5 days until our trip to Vietnam. I […]

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