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A non verbal film – Baraka

A non verbal film – Baraka

We love documentaries and have been watching some on films for action lately. Just by coincidence we came across a video called Baraka. It said ” a non verbal film” Interesting! so we played it.
It turned out to be one of the most beautiful films we have ever seen.
Created by Ron Fricke, who is known for creating films without actors and/or storytellers, Baraka brought back so many memories for us.
The film shows cultures, people and places from most parts of the world, but mainly Asia.
We went to these places and we could almost smell it as we sat in the sofa watching it wide eyed.
Indonesia. He captures it so well with the people and ceremonies. The clothing and the scenery. Indonesia is one of our favorites.
Watching the film made us think, once again, how blessed we have been experiencing all these places.

We really recommend you to watch the film. It is truly a work of art. It is quite long so grab a bowl of popcorn, or fruit, or something you like, a blanket and snuggle in and enjoy the show.

Featured image is from our visit in Bali, Indonesia during the Nyepi festival

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