Train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta

Train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta There are several ways to travel through the island of Java, Indonesia. The most common route is to travel with train from the Jakarta to Yogyakarta in central Java. We took the local train for the real experience. Read more about the trainride here: Read more about Jakarta here: Read […]

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Cheap outdoor and photography equipment

Cheap outdoor¬†and photography equipment Lately, we have been spending a lot of time on the internet and especially trying to find gear for our next big upcoming project for this fall. There is a huge market online and to be able to find what you are looking for you’ll need to find out what […]

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Travel Apps

Travel Apps Lost your way? Need to call a friend? Oh yes, we’ve all been there. Lost in a dark alley with no sense of where you are and where you’re heading. We’ve listed som useful¬†apps you can use when your out traveling. Most of them are free and work offline so you don’t have […]

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Travel Gear

Travel Gear When I started out traveling I always had too much stuff in my bag that I never needed and that’s never fun to carry around. Your back is aching and you feel misarable. One day my friends said when your packing your bag, lay out everything out so you see all your luggage […]

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Travel Tips
Travel Tips Here you can find good tips for your travel. During our first trips we used Google quite frequently. It was a lot of information that was needed to find out, how to get around, Where can we find the cheapest food, Is it easy to find somewhere to stay. we wanted to be [...] Read More →