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Adventure holiday 2015

Adventure holiday 2015 This post is for all of you out there looking for an active holiday with lots of outdoor activities and fun things to do. And I am not talking about museums. There are many places in the world where you can be adventurous if you are feeling an urge and we have had the privilege to be in some of those places. Here are three of our favorite spots: Nepal Ah! the land of trekking! it is almost impossible to stay in the hotel as the opportunities are so many. Anyone can go trekking in the Himalayas. The only thing you need is a positive attitude and some good clothing and gear. If you have the attitude but not the clothing and gear you can get in anywhere in the bigger cities in Nepal. The positive attitude has to be brought from home. How tough the trekking will be depends on your experience and skill level. There are different routes or trails like Mustang or Anapurna. Easy to advanced and you can even go Base camp Everest if you have the money (it is very expensive) and if you are experienced. Everest has become very popular but very crowded in the recent decade, but there are still many trails to choose from. An easy to moderate trail is Langtang which borders to Tibet. It is a adaptable trail in many ways which means you can choose how far you wish to walk each day and if you would like to extend the trail or make it a shorter trail. The scenery is amazing and we had the […]

Essential travel gear for Asia

Essential travel gear for Asia We are experts (well, at least we would like to think so) on all things Asia. Traveling in Asia is an adventure for sure. We have found some essential travel gear very handy during our travels. Even if you’re planning a two or three weeks holiday or a long haul these things might come in handy if you’re a budget traveler. Check out the video and don’t get to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more!

Beach holiday 2015

Beach holiday 2015 We all love the sun and a nice white beach (at least most of us right?). So when ┬áthe summer holidays is up many of us have already planned or are planning on a sun and beach type of holiday. If you are unsure where o go we have some great tips for you. Boracay island, Philippines The ultimate white beach awaits you in Boracay. It is listed as one of the worlds best beaches and won’t let you down. Divided in three parts area one has the most laid back atmosphere with the beach huts and quiet beaches. Area two has the most restaurants and shops and are most popular amongst families. Area three has the big resorts with the urban clubs and lounges. The food is amazing with the many seafood buffets and on the beach restaurants. Take in the sunset (which is extraordinary beautiful in Boracay) while sipping on a drink right on the beach. Activities like snorkeling and scuba diving is popular if you would like a try. The island of Boracay is at the top of Panay island and is isolated from the rest of the world. Tourism is big but no cars or vehicles other than moto taxis are allowed on the island. If you are in the party mood there are usually pool parties and bar crawls spread out over the island ┬áthat you can get access to if you stroll around the main promenade. Sellers usually stand along the promenade selling tickets to the pool parties. Boracay really has something for everyone and if you don’t really feel like […]

Summer holidays 2015?

Cultural holidays 2015? Planning on a vacation? want to go somewhere but not sure where? There are a numerous of destinations out there and sometimes it can be really hard to choose. Should I book through an agent or by myself? with accommodation or without accommodation? And where? Well, we don’t want you to be stranded on your summer holidays (if it’s not somewhere warm and cozy that is). So we share one of our favourite travel destination for you in hope of shedding some light on the situation. There are many places where you can go to get cultural but still have enough things to do to get away from sightseeing temples all day long for weeks. Our ultimate destination for spiritual and cultural relaxation is Indonesia. And not just any place in Indonesia. The town of Ubud is known for its recreational vibe and relaxing atmosphere. And it goes without saying that Ubud is one of the most popular places to visit in the country. Live well, eat well and stroll around the town centre. Visit the art market and the royal palace. Watch a traditional dance and take a Balinese cooking class. Yoga and wellbeing is big in Ubud. If you are new to this artform there are lots of beginner classes or try it out sessions. Spend an afternoon eating healthy food from one of the popular, local eateries. Or go shopping. Accommodation is relatively cheap and with good standard and there are a lot of options. We did not book anything in advance. The opportunities are many. And if you get tired there are still […]

Planning ahead in the Philippines

Planning ahead in the Philippines Philippines is a beautiful country with a lot of adventures on offer. Actually, the whole country has something to offer. Trekking adventures, World UNESCO heritage sites, paradise islands, honeymoon spots, top quality beaches, animal encounters and scuba diving and snorkeling. Anything for anyone. Although Philippines is a versatile country it requires some planning ahead. The Philippines is made out of many small islands. There are no bridges or roads (generally) between the islands and transportation is sometimes a hassle if you arrive on site with little or no information. The domestic flights are usually cheap. Cebu pacific is the most common domestic airline operating most bigger cities. But there might be some delays on most flights due to the frequence of the flights. We experienced up to 2 hours delay on all of our flights with Cebu Pacific. You need to book a week or two in advance to get cheap tickets as these tickets go up in price by the minute. Bus or hired vans are usually the best way to get around the islands and an be cheap if you have the skill of bargaining. There are usually ferries between the bigger islands so that the buses and cars can get between them easily. If you go anywhere by taxi you could get an offer of going somewhere by the driver. Most drivers do business this way and it is not uncommon. ANd they offer cheap prices. No place is too far, it depends on how much you are willing to pay. If you are more than one person it might be a […]