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Trekking in Sweden – Swedish summer holiday 2015

Trekking in Sweden – Swedish summer holiday 2015 Sweden is a wonderful country to visit in the Swedish summer. If you like the very very cold it is even nice to visit in the colder months. But now that summer has knocked on the doorstep it is time to get adventurous Swedish style.The Swedish highlands and the Kebnekaise mountain is a beautiful way of spending a summer hiking and trekking around the landscape. But where to start? We would love to go on a Swedish highland trail. Does anyone know where to go trekking in Sweden, which trails and how to get there? Any info would help as we are desperate to get adventurous here in Sweden. Do you need a guide to go hiking and trekking up north? and do you need special permits? Have you gone on a trail up north that you can recommend? Many questions to answer but we’ll be just as happy if you could give us any information about the adventures that lies ahead up north. Thanks from the MahzTravel team  

Airplane food – what about it?

Airplane food – what about it? Have you guys missed our new healthier lifestyle? If so check out the current status on It is a strict Ketogenic diet to cleanse the body from toxins and other bad stuff like sugar. But being on the diet for almost a month, we started thinking about the changes it has put us through and the adjustments that had to be made. Thinking back on our travels in Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal and others, we have been able to eat what we wanted and eat where ever we wanted it made us realize that we have faced a challenge when it comes to Airplane food. Airplane food has a reputation of being bad but most airlines has actually put some effort into it since most of them charge for food nowadays. And most meals we’ve had during our travels has been good (we only ask for food on long journeys though). But next time we fly long distance, what should we do with the Airplane food. We cannot eat the food served on the plane. We can not eat the food that is beyond the security check. The food we can eat is restricted and we need to know where it comes from and the amount of sugar in the food. So we sent an email to Tortonto’s International airport to ask this question. This is the answer we got. “Thank you for your inquiry regarding Toronto Pearson. For information regarding items that are permitted in your carry on for travel (including food) I would recommend that you check the Canadian Air Transport Security […]

Travel makeup and what to bring

Travel makeup and what to bring I try to travel light when I travel. But that can be a challenge sometimes, especially as a girl who wants to bring a lot of stuff that we think you might need. Earlier we’ve talked about travel gear and how to fly safe  In this video I talk about travel makeup, what products I use and what might be good travel products to bring on your travels. What is your “never leave the airport without it” product?    

A travelers best friend – the Bubi bottle

 A travelers best friend – the Bubi bottle As a traveler I always look for practical things that can make my life easier when I am traveling and at home. Water was usually one of those things I struggled with. We had to buy water bottles everywhere at the local supermarkets only to loose them or leaving them in a trash bin after they were empty. Simply taking up to much space to carry around. Bringing 1 liter water bottles on a 13 hour sleeperbus ride and waking up realizing the bottes rolled away. Gone. And when I travel I struggle with keeping myself hydrated. I don’t carry bulky bottles and I often get heat struck. Like I did many times in Vietnam and Cambodia. The problem: Bulky bottles that are a hazzle to carry around Bottles getting lost Bottles that are hard to fit anywhere when packing. The solution: The BUBI bottle. The BUBI bottle is the worlds first scrunchable, BPA free waterbottle. When filled up you can use it as a regular bottle, use it with hot or cold water as a compress, keep valuables in it since it is waterproof. You can also use it in your campfire because it is heat resistant and you can even use it when scuba diving. When empty, roll it up and you have a small sized bottle that fits into any small space you have left in your bag. So much easier than a PET bottle. And it comes with a clasp so that you can hook it to you bag. It is one of the best investments we have made […]

How to fly safe

How to fly safe Flying is fun and can often be a big part of the trip. Many of the times we have gone flying we often come out sick. Airplanes are usually air conditioned which makes the air cool. That can itself cause you to get a cold. But that’s not the main issue . All the passengers breathe the same air for several hours and all those passengers sneeze and touch their seats with their hands. A lot of bacteria business going on. That can make you sick. I am not talking about life threatening illnesses here, but you could end up with a flu or a severe cold. We usually do. So we have taken some precautions to stay safe when flying. Check out our video on how you can fly safe too. And don’t forget to subscribe for more!