Our time with the monks in Kosgoda

Our time with the monks in Kosgoda During our travel adventure in Sri Lanka we had the privilege of living and spending time with our friends and monks at the Buddhist monastery in Kosgoda. We spent three days here which went by all too fast. We earned a lot and we really thank our new friends for the warm hospitality and generosity you showed us. We will meet again. This album is for our friends in Kosgoda.

Through the lens with Leonardo #BALI

Through the lens with Leonardo #BALI #2 –  Highlights of Bali, Indonesia #2 This time I am going to present to you my highlights of the island Bali. We traveled for about 1½ months in Indonesia and most of the time we were on Bali.  The images are from Medewi where we meet my good friend, Sanur with it’s long sandy beaches , Ubud and its amazing Pura Saraswati temple,  Mt Bator WOW!! it was my first real trekking and I was just drained from energy and our guide was wors.. but the view was spectacular! Don’t miss my other episodes of: Through the lens with Leonardo #Hong Kong   Photo by: Leonardo M

Through the lens with Leonardo #HONGKONG

Through the lens with Leonardo #HONGKONG #1 Through the lens with me Leonardo M. is where i present you my favorite images. #1 Here we see Hong Kong it was our first destination on our 3 year long trip around the world. I have been travelling for a longer period of time before but NEVER 3 years!  The first day we arrived in Hong Kong and i got to hold the camera in my hand walking the street everything felt normal and i started to relax and take it all in enjoy. Photo by: Leonardo M

Ho Chi Minh – The old capital – Gallery

Ho Chi Minh City Gallery from our visit to the old capital. We had so much fun and so much good food! Read more about Ho Chi Minh City here!