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Morocco here we come!

Morocco here we come! So Leonardo, our CEO, have been thinking long and hard (maybe a little bit longer than expected) on where to go on his next journey. And now, finally he has decided to go to Morocco. The options were between Turkey, Morocco, India and a few other places. But after realizing how exciting Morocco seems to be and the cost of living being relatively cheap compared to other countries close by, Morocco seemed like the ultimate destination. So Leonardo is going to Morocco. I am going with him for a short few days and then he is on his own out there. What should Leonardo do when in Morocco? Comment to help him out on his Moroccan adventure.

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka – a Sri Lanka beach getaway

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka – a Sri Lanka beach getaway We wanted a city escape from the busy Colombo and Negombo. And after some research we found that Hikkaduwa is the place to go. It is said to have one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka on the west coast with many activites on offer. So we headed towards Hikkaduwa. Hikkaduwa is a small town that where hit by the Tsunami back in the days. Many people lost their homes but the town has mande a quick recovery. Many locals make their living from small wellness centres, spas and tailors. They are located on the south side of the main road while most local food vendors and the market is located on noth side. We liked Hikkaduwa. The people are friendly and the beach is relatively good. Probably not one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka as the water can be a bit rough but it is excelllent for surfers. Accomodation Accomodation and food can be cheap in Hikkaduwa. If you eat at one of th many hotels you might end up with an empty wallet. Try to walk along the main street and grab a bite to eat at one of the locals favourites. Keep a lookout for people. They are the best sign to good Sri Lankan food. A room can vary from 1000-3000 Rupees depending on your preferences. There are resorts as well as co-operative beach hotels. Sights & attractions The main attraction in Hikkaduwa is the beach and everything that comes with it. Many tourists like to spend a day at the beach and sunbath […]