This is Us

We are maHzTravel.

We are an adventurous group of people who captures the world in pictures and videos. Traveling is our passion and we try our very best to give you a glimpse of what to experience out there. Our dream is to travel the world and experience as much as we can, who knows what the world will look like and what places are left in as little as 50 years. We don’t want to look back and say: “We should have gone there”.

We travel to meet people, share experiences and to learn new ways.

Leonardo, — years old at the moment. Is a kind soul that sees beauty in everything he sees. His speciality is to annoy everyone at the office and he likes to be leader of the pack. He’s someone who makes friends wherever he is and might be disappointed if he doesn’t, He feels like he didn’t get the authentic feel out of it otherwise. Leonardo is a photographer at heart and as a professional. His goal is to travel and photograph as much as he possibly can and share the photos/beauty with all of us.

Charlie, 29 years old as we write. She likes to explore things and often goes without thinking. She’s someone who likes planning but gets annoyed if it takes to long. Charlie has worked as a saleswoman and customer consultant all of her working life, but wants to explore the world, meet new people and embrace new cultures. She’s been taken out of a coma of grey offices and coffeemugs and is now ready for all of the adventures she’s been missing out on.

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