The Jungle adventure in Chi Phat, Cambodia

The Jungle adventure in Chi Phat, Cambodia

Chi Phat is a small eco tourism village society with approximately 35 households located in the west of Cambodia. Surrounded by the Cardamom mountains, one of the last remaining rainforests in South East Asia, it makes this spot perfect for adventures.
We spent a couple of months here as volunteers. One of our tasks was to hike or bicycle up to the next village to map and trace any new potential tourist spots. No one had ever mapped this village so we thought this was a very honourable task.

We chose to go by mountainbike since it was faster. It was said that it usually takes two hours to get there by mountainbike.
There are no roads in Chi Phat and no road to O’Kay village which was the targeted destination. An orangy and red dust road that had been transformed to a long, wide line of mud would lead us there.
We were in the middle of the rainy season and there would be no stopping on the rain part. So we figured we should just throw our selves out there.
After passing wodden houses on stilts, oxes and huge electrical cows as the locals call them (old fashioned tractors) we turned left on the slippery orange mud into a small path.
This path was even muddier and more wet than the other road.
We had been told that this part was so leech infested that we should expect at least one or three big ones sucking our blood by the end of that path.
It was hard to steer and the path was everything but even. Big holes were covered by water and we fell several times.
Nothing to do but accept the mud and the smell and continue.
The rain kept puring down. We were both saoking wet to the bones, I fell badly on my knee as I hit a mud pile covered by water. Leonardo fell a couple of times too.
We didn’t have a map since there was only one path. We just went for it.
At last! some houses in the horizon.
We had been working hard on our mountain bikes for a good 2,5 hours already. Is this O’kay village.
The houses on stilts with banana leaf roofs didn’t really tell us which village we were in. And no one was there. Only some terrified chicken and a dog.

The rain got worse so we took a break under one of the bananaleaf roofs for cover.
A bit further on we could see some more small houses.
Let’s leave the bikes here and go have a look, we decided.
The “village” proved to be O’kay village. Or at least we think so since the only woman that was present amongst the four famly stilt houses couldn’t say a word of english except OK!! with a thumbs up.
Maybe because that was the only thing she knew how to say or was this in fact O’Kay village? But we had been on our bicycle for more than two hours and this was the first village so far. It had to be it.

Now the real work began. We had to map all the houses, plantations, surrounding areas and spot potential tourist spots for photography or cultural interest. The whole village was interesting. We had never seen anything like it!
The jungle here is dense and full of animals like snake, scorpions and sometimes monkeys.

Just walking throgh the jungle a few minutes out from the main house was an adventure.
Here we share a short video from where we have stopped and gone walking out from O’Kay village to map the surrounding jungle ara.

Chi Phat was a true adventure.

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