Phong Nha Cave Tour, Travel Guide

We jumped in the bus full of tourists from the city of Hue. In the bus we had travelers from Vietnam, Japan, USA, Spain and us from Sweden and our full power tourguide.

The drive from Hue City took about 3 hours and we did 3-4 stops in different places before we arrived at  The Son River (Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park). There we got on to a small riverboat and started our journey to explore the Phong Nha Caves, the longest cave in the world. The landscape was something like we have never seen before. High mountains all around us and the river in between the valleys. On both sides of the river there was fishing villages, smiling young children waving and saying hello to us. As did all other travelers on the boats.

The journey took us about 20 minutes on the river. We arrived at the entrence of the cave (the Big black hole) and it was just spectacular and the feeling was overwhelming. Moving in slowmotion further into the cave we took pictures and marvelled over all the rockformations you can look at. Some are them are lit up and some are mysteriously hidden in the darkness. The guide took us through the essential highlights of the formations in the cave and put in some extra funfacts for the hardcore tourists. We got about 15 minutes of exploring and then it was of to the next part of the cave. This part was even more spectacular.   Here we got about 20 minutes of sightseeing before it was time to go. We could easily spent another 25 minutes in that cave. Or even better, a full day.

Booking a tour to the Phong Nha cave is easy.

Just drop in at any touristinformation at any city and they will have something to offer. If you would like to avoid long distances and hours upon hours of traveling, then Hue city is a good starting point for getting to the cave. Consider talking to a couple of touristinformations (there are several in each city) since the prices may vary

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