Monkey Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

Monkey Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

One of our favorite places in this world is Nepal. There are so many beautiful places here and you don’t even have to go far to get there. Like the Monkey Temple, or Swayambhunath, it lies on top of Kathmandu Valley just a 20 minutes walk from the popular tourist area of Thamel in the Capital of Kathmandu.

According to a myth the entire valley was once filled with an enormous lake, out of which grew a lotus. The valley came to be known as Swayambhu, meaning “Self-Created.” The name comes from an eternal self-existent flame (svyaṃbhu) over which a stupa was later built. The Stupa of Swayambhunat.

We visited the sacred sight and had an amazing time here. The view is amazing, the atmosphere is like no other and the monkeys make sure that you are entertained throughout your whole visit.
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