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4K Vietnam – TimeLapse

Vietnam Timelapse from Mahzouni Media.    

Floating market in Can Tho, Vietnam

Floating market in Can Tho, Vietnam We love travel memories. One of the most exciting ones was when we were in Vietnam and traveled south to get a glimpse of the famous floating market in Can Tho. Here is a video from our adventure. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our MahzTravel Youtube channel to get all the latest videos and updates.  

Trädgårdsföreningen, the Garden Society, Gothenburg, Sweden

Trädgårdsföreningen, the Garden Society, Gothenburg, Sweden As we get of the blue and white tram (Gothenburg colours by the way) we got of right in the middle of central Gothenburg. The sun was out and people were enjoying the good weather by appearing with thin jackets and light clothes outside sipping coffee and eating icecream. The city of Gothenburg always get a happy vibe as soon as the first ray of lights appear. As we got of at Kungsportsplatsen, also called Kopparmärra, our eyes were soon drawn towards the fountain and entrance of the Garden society, or Trädgårdsföreningen, in Swedish. The garden is the most central garden or park in Gothenburg and holds a rose garden, a palm house in classic glass glass house style, fountains, statues and parks. Concerts are held here as well as theater shows and fitness and yoga sessions outdoors in the summer. All free of charge. It is a wonderful way of keeping people happy and enjoying their city. As we enter the their botanical garden it is obvious that this is a popular recreational area. We strolled around the entrance gazing at big sculptural statues admiring the birdsongs and flowers to enter the big area with the main Palm house, the playground and the rose gardens. The Palm house is an attraction on its own. Enter a different climate zone by stepping into the Palm house that houses Palm trees and plants from all over the world. Like a sanctuary inside a sanctuary we strolled around like we were explorers on an expedition. Gazing and wowing the new plants. Everything from orchids to cacao […]

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