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4K Vietnam – TimeLapse

Vietnam Timelapse from Mahzouni Media. We love Vietnam. The food , people and the nature makes you want to go back. Check out our youtube channel for more videos from Vietnam or search our video archive here.

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Vietnam Capital: Hanoi Largest city: Ho Chi Minh City Population: 87,840,000 (2011 census) Time zone: IST (UTC+07) Currency: đồng (₫)(VND) Vietnam is a country under construction. They have come a long way but still has a long way to go. In our opinion Vietnam is the place to go if you like to see cultural […]

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Rent motorbike (Vespa) in Hoi An (Vietnam)

Rent motorbike (Vespa) in Hoi An Hoi An is a really beautiful small city about 15 hours by bus south of Hanoi. It is an ancient city divided by  a bridge into Japanese and Chinese quarters. This was divided a long time ago when it was a harbour city for trading goods from China and […]

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God morgon världen..

God morgon! Soler skiner här på ön och vi har inget planerat idag förutom att åka ut med våran härliga vespa och se vart dagen tar oss. Vi har nog varit på den här ön för länge nu. hm.. Hörs senare med förhoppningsvis lite bilder från dagens äventyr också! btw. Leo sitter på en trasig […]

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